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Secret Hermetic Training Phase 1

Apantesis – Greeting the Symbol

Apantesis describes the passage-involvement phase of symbol work. It is the first phase of any symbol work, wether for personal symbol work, or symbols present in the lodge. This term applies to the symbols used in the Masonic Misraim lodge for initiation. The candidates during their first initiation will encounter symbols and Apantesis describes what process is occurring between human and symbol. Essentially the symbols in the Masonic Lodge are in harmony and parallel to the forces inside the Rosicrucian current encountered in the higher degrees of the Order. Thus the word passage is also used to effectively show the bridging purpose of the symbol, in the transition of the aspirant from the Masonic to the Rosicrucian Brotherhood. Without these symbols, being in this case temple symbols and the Tarot Cards presented during the rituals, the link would be lost to the Rosicrucian current, as Masonry has not arrested it. Normally the introduction to such symbols is done in a formal fashion, during initiation ceremonies which tend to impress those symbols into the consciousness of the candidate better. In ancient Greek Apantesis means ‘an official meeting,’ which is occurring when encountering the symbol, either in ritual or in personally quiet meditations. Every time you hold a Tarot card and meditate upon it, you initiate the Apantesis phase of symbol interaction. Therefore it does not only apply to the first phase of Lodge work, but also to the process occurring when any individual aspirant works in meditation or mysticism towards any symbol, Tarot or otherwise.

A simple key phrase that summarises Apantesis is; physical stimulation towards symbol.

I have already explained that the Rosicrucian current is connected to the Masonic for the purpose of externalising and actualising its forces through Masonry. I have not however mentioned that the Rosicrucians have always used the Masonic body to have suitable selection grounds on which to select its members. Thus since the 1700’s Masonry for the hidden Rosicrucian bodies allowed a place where candidates could be scanned and tested, and perhaps invited into the inner Rosicrucian current. Thus it is fitting and highly significant that another ancient origin Apantesis is also Apanthesis, meaning ‘the time to gather roses.’ It is also no coincidence that in our modern times Apantesis is furthermore the name for a species of moth, beautiful compared with other moth creatures of its kind. The symbolism of the moth explains Apantesis quite well. Pointedly the moth is a nocturnal creature unlike the butterfly. Nocturnal creatures have philosophical symbolism such as:

·         Dreams
·         Shadows
·         Otherworldliness
·         Secret Knowledge
·         Psychic Awareness

These symbolic attributes are gathered because night creatures conduct their life-sustaining activities in complete darkness. As symbols and Tarot are under observation it shows our human transition from physical sensory perception to a new mode of life; of increased intuitive feeling. Philosophically speaking, night creatures do not tumble in the dark and armed with symbols neither will humans. The aspirant is activated to employ his or her dreams, awareness, and deeper inner knowing to navigate through the dark uncertainty of life. The moth’s cacoon has a hard casing unlike the butterfly, to protect it from danger. This is also suggestive of the Masonic coffin of initiation, into which the candidate is placed in the Third Degree, one of the strongest death symbols employed to good effect since the days of the Egyptians and their initiatory sarcophagi.

Before explaining Apantesis more, let me divert for a moment into the subject of the transition of forces into the Masonic lodge again. And let me also state one simple fact; all that applies to the transition of Rosicrucian forces to the Lodge, also applies to the individual seeker who works alone in their own inner temple. The real significance of this transition of energies, this externalisation of invisible forces into reality, will never be understood without our new language base. The Rosicrucian forces, that forwards human evolution, are outwardly demonstrated in our initiatory scheme through the presence of symbols. Our Memphis Misraim temple, as established in the outer Masonic lodge of the Rite of Misraim, is a miniature replica of the greater synthesis of those higher forces that manipulate, control and demonstrate through enlightened Masonic Rosicrucians the seven sacred planets, the ring of the zodiac, the kerubim, as well as the greater matrix that governs the universe. The temple is not only a mirror of the macrocosm, but also induces its forces into the consciousness of those gathered within this geometrical temple harmonisation. If we return to our friend electricity, we now find the current entering into circuits, resistors and transistors with transformers. These electrical components are our symbols guiding and directing the energy into particular activity. At the centre of this matrix is a microchip, which is receiving the summation of all transmissions. It receives and then records, followed by achieving an updated programming. This is essentially the human who is on the receiving end of this great symbolic matrix he or she is cast within.

Essentially the temple construct seeks to provide fit conditions for the transmission of the Rosicrucian energies into all initiates. This it produces in the initiate through its geometric work of blending together the higher impulses with an outward corresponding form that represents and therefore transmits the inner nature. It is through this perfect correspondence, between temple and universe that the streams of light may emanate. The symbols might be considered as the portals on our planet for the forces of the Rosicrucian initiation. This initiation is entered through the full provision of those right correspondences which develop and stimulate the aspirant exposed to them in a certain way. It is here at the moment of being exposed to those correspondences that Apantesis is triggered.

Thus the process of Apantesis may be defined as follows; the activation and transmission of these higher forces through the correspondences of; sound, colour, scent, touch, taste. All these sensory perceptions, through the agency of attuned stimulation, are capable of adjusting the consciousness, by providing the right conditions to the reception of one single force or many forces at once. This is only natural as we receive everything we know before achieving Manthagnosis through the five senses. Some idea of the attuned stimulation may be gained if we briefly summarise the different aspects of these human correspondences. But first it is important to bear in mind that Apantesis is not the goal or end result. It is only a process by which we are able to achieve entrance into the next phase of integration. For example in the following explanations I will speak about psychic senses as being mediums by which the Mason gains access into the Rosicrucian current. These psychic modes of communication are brought about by Apantesis, for Apantesis serves as a bridge towards those communicative abilities. The initiate through a series of graded operations will achieve these higher faculties by forming inward connections between his own hidden powers and outward experiences. These interior-psyche connections are drawn together through the medium of activating the correspondences through experiencing them practically. Here all correspondences connect us with the force behind the symbol. The vision, sound and smell stimulations greatly extend the ability to sense the presence of these forces in nature, and in ordinary life. Suddenly the attuned person realises the interrelation of ‘ordinary’ things as they relate within one vast universal scheme of higher forces at work, influencing the world. Every red colour he sees, or every yellow she sees, or every sweet taste, is now united to a divine impulse. So on one hand the aspirant becomes aware of forces at work in daily life, through understanding that all sounds, colours and smells are the by-products of forces and is aware of which forces, but furthermore he/she reaches beyond ordinary consciousness, which is mostly externally focused, but now recognises these forces within. This new recognition forms a couplement between his consciousness and the invisible hierarchies, and the invisible Rosicrucian Temple. It is this couplement, this connection between sense and forces that we describe the psychic senses for, and how training the ordinary senses with the process of Apantesis works.

At first I will indicate the physical sense being stimulated in Apantesis, and which psychic couplement the aspirant achieves through the Rosicrucian work:

Sound of the Symbol: In the sound correspondence the work of the symbol is directed towards the discriminative attunement of clairaudience, meaning ‘clear hearing.’ I say discriminative because all symbols and therefore all sounds must be experienced in corresponding conjunction to develop the correct sensory response. Thus the main characteristic of the sound-symbol activity is the directing towards invisible forces, at first of the elemental kind, and later even of the supernal kind, by building a sensory bridge for the development of clairaudience. The matter of the activity, hearing sounds in correspondence with ‘meeting a symbol’ forms the most subtle connection between sounds and forces. However the development rest upon the Rosicrucian knowledge of stimulating correct sounds in relation to correct symbols, in the presence of all other correspondences such as colours etc. The result of the procedure at first is unconscious, but becomes a conscious connection to the True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order when clairaudience becomes active. Normally this is done through direct experience, either alone or in the Masonic Lodge. Each degree is prescribed Apantesis work, where sounds, scents etc are stimulated in connection with their corresponding symbol. Briefly the other sense stimulations of Apantesis include:

Taste of the Symbol: In the taste correspondence of the work a certain taste is placed in connection with a particular symbol. Normally it is undertaken through the Eucharist ceremony of the degree or the Apantesis work of the degree. The process aims at forming an inner connection for later clairhambience, meaning ‘clear tasting’ being not exactly a ‘tasting’ but another higher faculty which provides a similar sense of forces. Feeling of the Symbol:  In the lodge and degree process the rudimentary activity of feeling is increased. Here physical textures and temperatures are placed in connection with symbols, later developing into clairsentience, meaning ‘clear feeling.’ Many temple or ceremonial props are used in conjunction to stimulate and trigger correct feelings. Smell of the Symbol: in the process certain smells are involved in perfect correspondence to the forces at work. This aspect of Apantesis depends on the scents, oils, incenses and herbs employed in the Rosicrucian work. It leads to clairalience, meaning ‘clear smelling.’ Sight of the Symbol: This aspect of Apantesis involves the depiction, geometry and colour. By geometry I mean the shapes and measurements of the symbols involved. This part of Apantesis can lead to clairvoyance, meaning ‘clear seeing.’ These are the five symbol stimulations. 

I have not as yet described the exact Apantesis process involved but will do so in greater detail in the commentary series. At first it will appear as though the experience of Apantesis is no different from any other esoteric work. However it is very different in that this process is more precise. The student is placing his or her inner nature in relation to the outside world in a fine tuning process. For example the student sits, concentrates on the symbol and then sounds the corresponding note on a musical instrument, such as a xylophone. This places the sound in firm connection with a certain force. The process is repeated for all 22 Tarot Cards, until all sounds of the symbols are integrated. The student is tested, presenting sounds only, and is required to identify which symbols that sound corresponds with. For example; 1) Probationer rings a certain musical note. 2) The student listens and a symbol should arise in the mind of the student in connection with that sound. 3) The student must identify which force that sound represents, in that the symbol is the inner-image of the force, to which the mind recognises the force in future experimentations.

In reality Apantesis is limited to the sense-process undertaken, which forms the inner connections. It is the next phase of work, Psychephilosis which connects these sense-stimulations firmly together within the realms of the psyche within Rosicrucian initiation. Perhaps because the theory of Apantesis work is difficult to grasp as yet I will provide the following three examples, which are extremely basic examples of the work. But to repeat, Apantesis is always the physical work of sense stimulation, the outer and objective.

Apantesis Process – 1 - Sound
1.       Select a Symbol
2.       Ring its corresponding sound/note on the xylophone
3.       Meditate on the symbol with eyes closed
4.       Strive to perceive the same sound on invisible planes
5.       Repeat for all 22 Tarot Cards or symbol sets over a period of one year
6.       Probationer tests the students’ response to sounds. Student to identify the correct of symbol force he or she is hearing the Probationer sound aloud.
Apantesis Process 2 - Colour
1.       Select a Symbol
2.       Paint the Symbol in the right Colour
3.       Meditate concentrating on the coloured symbol
4.       Examine your house and identify this colour on all things
5.       On everything you encounter of the right colour, close your eyes and see the symbol again to clearly associate the object with the symbol.
6.       Probationer tests students’ knowledge of colours.
Apantesis Process 3 - Elemental Taste
1.       Select something Sour
2.       Concentrate on the Symbol
3.       Meditate on symbol with eyes closed
4.       Strive to obtain a sense of that same taste on the symbol plane
5.       Eat your dinner and identify the presence of that element
If you read the First Temple Lecture you will note that this process is a direct reversal of the process explained there. It is a stepping stone on our path of return, to the lost ability when language and words were magical utterations of higher consciousness, when humankind was capable of properly expressing divine powers through speech and artistry, when every letter spoken from the mouth carried a certain spiritual force. This was normally referred to as the restoration of the lost magical language of the Universal Adam by the older Rosicrucian dispensations of the 1700’s. Under the New Dispensation we call this process of carrying forwards divine forces in human speech by the name of Astrapetion. This word derives from the Greek goddess of lightning, Astrape, whose eyes and mouth cast forth lightning for Zeus, father of the gods. This will be one of the goals of our Rosicrucian work.

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