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A New Rosicrucian Dispensation?

Method of the New Rosicrucian Dispensation

The method of the New Dispensation expresses ideals properly by orientating pure seed thoughts into the building process of actualisation. Thus we may call this work ‘actualisation’ because no word definitely expresses the breaking of the barriers between higher conscious and outward form planes. The veil that supposedly exists in the Temple, between the outer ritual court and the inner Sanctum Sanctorum of holy places is in reality an analogy of the true disconnectedness that existed under the old conditions. Under the old forms mystery traditions have spoken of ‘outer mysteries’ and ‘inner mysteries’ whereas now there is only the Great Mystery concerning all. This breaking of the veil brings about the desired results in the subconscious plane immersing inner self realities, that were previously hidden in the subconscious to outer self personality and hence action. In every sense it is the Repairer that amends the division between macrocosm and microcosm after this breaking of the veil.  The new method allows for initiates to embody their higher Will and to express love, and gain momentum to manifest a world of pure ideas. However speculation and concern for how our outward life should be will no longer be relevant. Where once there was desire for a certain thing to be, the new initiate instead will be compelled to shape his life after the spiritual forces s/he has contacted within. This is not done with consideration to the ‘when’ of actualisation because of the acute awareness of his or her irrelevance to the infinitesimal existence of human continuity.

In other words for the casual reader; person A wishes find a cure for cancer. In an ideal world there is a cure for this disease. He may not achieve the end result in his lifetime. However, through touching the pure consciousness of the inner planes he recognises the forces at work also wishing to cure cancer. He is their divine agent and outlet working in rapport with these guiding forces. The ‘when’ of achieving his end result, the ‘when of finding a cure,’ is of no concern. Working ceaselessly however he comes closer to this discovery. At the end of his lifetime he did not find a cure. But he did not fail. Far from it, instead he has radically brought science one step closer to finding the cure. In the greater scheme of human existence he has served to transcend old levels of medical discovery. Human beings later contact the same level of consciousness, and continue to work allowing medical science to thrive and grow. These events are occurring now and within four generations it is certain we will have achieved a cure for cancer. The problem of previous and most present initiates however is that they only perceive of the ideal of the cure but do not to commit to the result. They have an ideal, whatever that may be, but give up before even starting building upon it, by being overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task at hand. This failure is the result of ego, as if the whole task was up to one person alone. We are never to be crushed by the weight of responsibility but elevated by the opportunity to increase human kinds’ awareness. If he or she started with the awareness that human progress will continue this work, then much more can be achieved. Your task may concern enlightening education, saving the environment, or simply healing people’s conscious pains. Whatever the case, the New Dispensation brings about the solution for spiritual laziness; a solution to achieve everyone’s divine task. So remember the initiative required for pure ideals to manifest now implies that a terrific awareness of the wholeness of the evolutionary and continuity process must be considered at all times in a conscious manner. 

The above example is however very limited because it applies to the circumstances of forwarding medicine and not initiation which is the real question at hand. In forwarding initiation the same applies but can only be understood through very abstract means. This is due to the fact that the attainment of consciousness which is the goal cannot be as concretely describes as say – a cure for cancer. We intend instead to repair the aspirant of other human frailties; an animal degradation which must be purified through another form of cure which is not describable in the same clarity we could objectify say; medicinal compounds or medical equipment. But our illustration serves a point: like our good friend the doctor, one student has the capacity of advancing the human race by simply exceeding all previous limitations and expectations of what he or she can BE. The initiate’s work, of advancing the attainment of initiation, and hence the levels of consciousness possible is more difficult. But the levels he or she contacts serve to advance stages that were previously out of reach into hopefully a human normality. Consider this relationship through numbered levels of attainment. Every human exist on the tenth plane, but eight and nine are possible to experience as levels of consciousness for the few aspiring minds who are able to conceive of higher possibilities. A certain group of collective individuals attain levels eight and nine through initiation. These individuals act as intermediaries between levels 8 and 10 and demonstrate to the rest of humanity the possibility of level 8 which was before considered unattainable. Humanity learns to grasp level 8 and is pulled forwards and after a period of time humanity enters a new era where level 8 for all humanity becomes the accepted normality of every day existence. This however being achieved, the initiates now imagine the possibility of levels 7 and 6 and conceive of yet higher possibilities. These levels could not have been imagined by initiates while existing on level 10. Only levels 9 and 8 could have been imagined from level ten. But having attained level 8 the initiates again struggle for higher illumination and after attaining it will communicate it for all to experience after themselves. Thus like our friend the doctor the initiate has broken through old barriers, advancing the science of consciousness and clarifying our reality of BEING.

Outwardly, a simple summation of the New Dispensation method might suffice to say; it is the consideration of a perfect ideal and the willpower to enact upon it. This may sound simple at first but much more consideration needs to be given towards what the perfect ideal means. Rosicrucians certainly have appeared from time to time delivering such perfect ideals through published ‘Manifestos.’ Yet very little action can be taken place before pure ideals are conceived and consciously understood by a developed mind, being well nurtured through the three degrees of the Lodge of Elias Artista. Thus our first goal is to form inner bridges within the subconscious realms of the student that allow for a perfect flow of spiritual force to outward manifestation. It begins with the process of identifying spiritual forces, recognising them properly and then channelling those energies into an outlet that allows for a completion of the new initiation. As those bridges are nurtured and strengthened the capacity for those channels to become highways of pure energy increases. Thus at its highest degree spiritual powers may ensue, but more on this in the next volume.

Let us employ the following comparison between the initiate of the old method and the New Dispensation. Person B is an initiate of the old method. Person C belongs to the New Dispensation. Person B is given spiritual symbols for meditation and study. He may belong to the western occult path or the eastern yogic path, it does not matter which; both systems are obsolete. Now he works with those symbols, attains insight and vision into their meaning. When he progresses he discovers the spiritual forces at work behind them and discovers that those symbols were in fact doorways to hidden worlds. He even encounters angelic beings and the elemental creatures within the worlds of those symbols. The goal and end result for him is to obtain more knowledge from these angels and creatures. It may also imply that he obtains a greater understanding of his own inner qualities and emotions. For him the greatest possibility is to transform his emotions and perhaps mind. Person C undertakes the work however under the New Dispensation. Perhaps he carries out the very same procedures and methods. His conditions and experiences are the same. However he progresses onto a fourth stage of work, the corresponding outlet. His transformed emotions are provided with an avenue of outlet so as to truly integrate the spiritual experience. He understands that spiritual powers are only imaginative until manifested. The last stage of work for him is to release these potent energies into the human domain automatically making this form of initiation more effective. To do this he will find a corresponding activity in an environment through which to express those enlightening encounters.

The above may seem like a small difference. Perhaps person B indeed sees his life differently and has many more new insights into life. But the fact remains the spiritual forces at work have not completed their path of expression and bodily integration except through mental or emotional stimulation. Initiate C on the other hand will complete the cycle and obtain recognisable spiritual results. Furthermore through experiences he will gain understanding, which person B does not attain. The next beneficial resulting achievement of this initiation is the attainment of ‘likeness’ to which the Greeks said was ‘likeness to God’ implying moreover that the initiate has learned to manifest ideas/ideals into actual creation as co-creator; he is achieving actualisation, so sought after in the New Dispensation.

This brings us to deeper objectives behind the Rosicrucian employment this method; spiritual forces can now actualise their rays in the life body, now illuminating mind, body and soul as a completely initiated individual. This body aspect is often ignored in the West.

Deepening spiritual forces in the energetic network of the human body was not possible for person B. Person B has taken no physical course of action so the light powers at work cannot deepen their influence through the life matrix in his Archaeus, being the Paracelsian term for etheric body. But for Person C spiritual rays now stimulate the life body because he has taken up a corresponding activity, storing those energies in a reservoir or wellspring in the Archaeus for later occult use. Here spiritual energies are entering and building up in the Archaeus, an invisible energetic body that governs the activity of the physical body before any movement is taken.[1] Thus action through a practical outlet completes the deepening of spiritual forces in the initiates’ energetic psychic-plasma tissue. It is here in the Archaeus that the spiritual centres and dormant psychic powers reside and where all energies required for later healing and occult work must be stored. On one hand he works for actualisation of divine ideals, which is a service for all humanity, and on the other hand the virtues being employed will purify his spiritual-life-vehicle which in turn grants him or her unparalleled spiritual powers that allow for a yet higher form of Rosicrucian work.[2]

The practicality of this deepening of spiritual forces in our energetic makeup consist of three disciplines which are 1) the work that leads to realisation and 2) the work of the energetic body, and 3) the practical outlet releasing energy into the world.

The first phase tends to be the same as any other work from before the New Dispensation, however I have clarified this process with a new language through the terms Apantesis, Psychephilosis and Gamosis. When I say realisation I am of course speaking of the line of work that ascends the consciousness, contacting the celestial hierarchy. Thus as with New Dispensation initiation there is an ascent as well as a descent; the return of our demi-god stature can only be achieved through actualisation. The second phase of the energetic body draws forth the new energies contacted through phase one. The human body has been the most widely ignored aspect of initiation. Its essential capacity allows for reception of these divine energies, bridging them from consciousness into objective reality. The energetic body, our Archaeus shall be our medium of transmitting the will of the super powers into reality. The practicality of this matter is undertaken through our breathing process as well as correct stimulation of the acupressure centres. These meridians and centres on the body shall be engaged not only for self healing but also to allow our energetic egg to become a reservoir of transmitting divine purpose. By connecting the spiritual impulses to our energetic centres/acupuncture points we succeed in deepening the spiritual forces at work within our bodies prior to undertaking the process of external actualisation. This shall serve to amplify our motivation and bodily harmonisation with spiritual forces when working towards actualisation as an advent of our divine manifestation. The actualisation of those forces, in phase three occurs at first through following selected activity of suitable corresponding action for the force to be allowed release. This is the last phase of the essential work of the New Dispensation, where enlightenment becomes reality. From this point the initiate will become a very advanced individual, on part with the greats of history, and to become figures of history themselves. However that goal is quite far from the immediate task which is the first phase.

I have already said that the middle path of the New Dispensation simply is: Manifestation brought by Realisation. So in order to bring about this manifestation, this divine actualisation of the spiritual light in the world, we are first left to deal with the matter of realisation in itself. In the following documents I shall explain the process of Rosicrucian realisation; how to read the Book of Nature, which is the first step of actualisation. Later in this initiatory series you shall read how to bring this realisation into reality.

This brief summary of the Rosicrucian and Rite of Misraim achievement process may suffice:

1.      Realisation is achieved in the Blue Lodge of Masonry, our Lodge of Elias Artista
It is achieved in itself with:
                                                              i.      Apantesis – See Thyself
                                                            ii.      Psychephilosis – Know Thyself
                                                          iii.      Gamosis – Be Thyself
2.      The work of deepening divine impulses through the body belongs to the Rosicrucian degrees of the Memphis Rosae Crucis.
It is achieved in itself with:
                                                              i.      (removed)
3.      The work of releasing the totality of the energies is undertaken in the Great White Brotherhood Lodge of the Secreto Secretorum.

[1] Archaeus is a term from Paracelsus used to describe the invisible life body, or body of life energies, often called etheric body by western occultist and the Nepesch by Kabalist.
[2] (The actual spiritual powers attained are not the concern of this volume. They are listed and dealt with in the next volume. This volume then deals with the possible physical outlets which must be understood first or otherwise any spiritual potencies obtained will be lost.)

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