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How to Approach the Rosicrucians According to the Rite of Misraim

Hi there everyone, Samuel Robinson here. The following post is a document taken from my collection of Rosicrucian and Hermetic documents. This one in particular comes from an old collection used by our own branch of the Rite of Misraim and of Memphis Misraim here in Germany with Milko Boogaard

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The Door to the True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order - the Rite of Misraim Perspective

‘Gentlemen, you need seek no longer for the symbolic expression of the divine idea: it was created 60 centuries ago by the Magi of Egypt. Hermes-Thoth fixed the two terms. The first is the Rose, because this flower is spherical in shape, symbol of the most perfect unity, and because its perfume is a revelation of life. This rose was placed at the centre of a Cross,  a figure expressing the point at which are united the apices of two right angles whose lines may be produced in our imaginations to infinity, in the triple directions of height, breadth and depth. The material of this symbol was gold, which in occult science signifies light and
purity; and in his wisdom Hermes called it the Rose-Cross, that is, Sphere of the Infinite.’
Pronouncement of Cagliostro, Grand Master of the Rosicrucians

It is said ‘knock and the door will open.’ But the question then arises; what door!?

The underlying purpose of Memphis Misraim is to provide this door; a gateway through which the Rosicrucian current can be contacted. At first it is therefore necessary to clarify to some extent what ‘Rosicrucian’ is, and for that matter what it is not, and its relationship with Misraim. I say ‘to some extent’ because it is impossible to describe it here.

First it is not a question or to make distinction between ‘Rosicrucian’ and ‘Revolutional.’

Clues on this are stated as the objective in the first paragraph of the Fama Fraternitatis. Secondly we cannot objectify Rosicrucian with anything physical. It is an invisible and hidden transmission beyond this dimension of time and space; ‘wherefore now we are no longer beheld by human eyes, unless they have received strength borrowed from the eagle’ says the Confessio, another of the original Rosicrucian documents like the Fama. 

There are those who only perceive through outward thinking the outward events of the Rosicrucian current rather than what it really points towards. I mean that any attempt to clarify ‘Rosicrucian’ by scholars and mainstream spiritualist has failed. This failure has resulted through an inability to understand the subtle spiritual forces at work behind the Rosicrucian current. For it is those forces that motivated the outward events that historians so readily take hold of to identify Rosicrucianism with. Unfortunately much has been contributed to create a mess to what should be a clear picture.

Scholars and people calling themselves R.C confused the matter by perpetuating through book after book the same picture of the manifestos all the while failing to bring any clarity to what Rosicrucian might mean. We have on one hand groups calling themselves Rosicrucian, employing the ‘Rosicrucian’ mantle as their own, and on the other scholars who only have access to very limited pieces of information. Both have formulated their own ideas, which have been treated as authoritive pictures because both delivered them from the standpoint of having grasped our enigma. For all insights and intentions both groups were missing one key ingredient; transmission from the True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order itself. It is only through this conscious alignment that any illumination can be cast upon a brotherhood shrouded in secrecy. I say ‘conscious alignment’ for many reasons..

Therefore let it here be stated: Rosicrucianism is a force that exists beyond the confines of time and space. In summation it; triggers and eventuates the evolution of humanity. This means all of humanity’s facets such as; culture, science, the arts etc. Reading the opening paragraph of the Fama, the 1614 ‘founding document,’ states that the divine has ‘raised men, imbued them with great wisdom, so they might renew and dissolve all arts to perfection.’ This is why ‘revolutional’ cannot be disassociated with Rosicrucian, and why all Rosicrucians are revolutionary human beings.

It is the predominating tendency to limit a purely spiritual force to resulting historical events that has caused confusion. Let us demonstrate an analogy with electricity; unlike electrical power it cannot be insulated or fixated upon events. In examining electricity itself we do not speak of the ‘light’ it produces in the light-bulb or the picture it produces upon the television screen. The pictures and light are by-products and the results of harnessing electricity through ingenious innovations. Similarly Rosicrucianism is a current and not a society or event to be exact. After electricity was harnessed in simple ways by humankind so it was adopted later in other ways as technology found better ways to use it. Thus when historians and self-stylised Rosicrucian groups try to identify what Rosicrucianism is - it fails in the same way as when someone might say ‘electricity is the light bulb, which was invented in 1879.’ For these people the light bulb is the whole story and they have no idea of all later wonderful uses since discovered for this energy. Thus in Rosicrucianism many are speaking of the effect; a ‘light bulb’ without consideration to the cause; our ‘electricity.’

In order to arrest this for our predicament we find most people constantly relate the Rosicrucianism with: 1) A legend of a master of knowledge named C.R.C. who founded the Rosicrucian body. 2) The Rosicrucian Manifestos of the 17th Century and its perpetuators. 3) The Rosicrucian groups of the 18th Century. All of this is similar to our friend the ‘bulb’ in so far as being effects manifested after greater reason. But what then is the real current that is Rosicrucianism? For most these three points of historical consideration paint the whole of the Rosicrucian enigma. But it is the factor of their motivation that needs greater examination. I am not dispelling the Rosicrucian Manifestos or the legend of C.R.C. as that would be an absurdity. Instead it is important to reorientate how the majority superimpose Rosicrucianism as being one and the same entity as a historical or spiritual society.

Consider then the relationship between the words ‘light’ and ‘light-bulb.’ The light-bulb is not the light. It is the vehicle and tool through which light may manifest itself, after itself having received the current of electricity. This illustration is of profound importance. We know that ‘light’ and ‘light bulb’ are two very different things. One is more profound and is used symbolically, metaphysically and is explained through the scientific expression of waves. The other is completely physical and limited, but manifest and receives the current of the first. Thus we may now speak of ‘recipient’ and ‘current’ in terms of Rosicrucian Brotherhood and Rosicrucian current. Finally the reader can consciously separate them both, as if ‘Rosicrucian’ and ‘Rosicrucian Order’ were ever the same thing despite what prior investigators have proposed. A simple but profound shift, and a mental severance that must remain. Most however have always assumed that Rosicrucian always meant the same thing, merely a group calling itself by that name. It is however only a recipient as the bulb is the recipient of electricity and is capable of transmitting light to the material world.

In this new light, the activity of the Rosicrucian current is perceived as embodied in the society as with how divine ideas incarnate into consciousness through an inspired philosopher. The philosopher is not the idea, he has the idea and is able to govern his life according to its higher principle and further he may transmit the idea to another. Obviously, of course, much may be learnt in this connection for it entails an Invisible Rosicrucian College existing prior to the visible ones, an idea that is like an electrical impulse passed on to another. But this is not the primary objective of this teaching. Through cycles of contact the ensouling of the current transforms groups and societies at different times, ennobling them into the grand stature of being our recipients, transforming them into what most know as ‘Rosicrucian Orders.’ Thus here a prerequisite exist in order for a group calling itself Rosicrucian to actually be Rosicrucian. For a student there is a way to test this.

The society of philosophers proceeds after the current, not the other way around. They depend upon the fact of having received a certain illumination. They are merely the action of the body after the brain has sent electrical transmissions through a central nervous system, presenting us with the idea of the invisible modes of communication that are needed to touch the interior R.C current. Here the terminology of ‘current’ is exact for it ever signifies two things; transmission of some kind between two entities, and secondly the question whether this current flows back and forth in mutual communication or flows solely in one direction towards the recipient. This question I leave for you to uncover through right experience. Yet where for such a group to exist must actually have an activated current, the student faces the challenge of examining its presence first hand. Although Rosicrucian and Rosicrucian Order signify two things, as we have already established, outwardly they appear as synonymous manifestations, hence the prior confusion of those belonging to the exterior (historians etc) of an interior and invisible alignment. Thus obviously only an interior current can be examined through interior means; spiritual-sensory and emotional investigation.

For those who knock upon this door and wish to examine the presence of such a current, remember that the force and the manifested brotherhood always coexist like tree and fruit. It is the outward form the exterior world experiences and clearly only a good tree will bear good fruit. This ultimate test remains for all to see; real Rosicrucian groups will bear the fruit of LOVE and SERVICE, which are at the heart of the Rosicrucian transmission.[1]

Such an investigation appears so simple that the reader might speculate the method given is too easy to be true. Yet considering the fact that the invisible Rosicrucian current only exist beyond this plane it therefore can only be investigated through a conscious-connection level where its energy can be experience when arising into psyche. Your heart and intuition is all you have to rely on. In another outlook; while many groups hold charters, warrants or authoritive certificates claiming ‘authenticity’ the element of love is the only shred of evidence we have of a clear transmission into the recipient body. Even having an actual ‘lineage’ or chain or unbroken initiation from a group that was once a clear recipient of the current may not guarantee it still retains intact. Perhaps it has now become devoid of love, in which case it has divorced itself from the true current that body once had. Thus I determine that value any group wearing the R.C mantle can only be awarded its worth to the measure of what it carries in conscious qualities rather than its material qualities. The amount of money a group has, or the number of its members is no measure, but the quality of its members are. I mean that, under these conditions only the human beings present are capable of demonstrating the quality of the Rosicrucian current being received. For the human heart ever remains the seat of reception from the divine above.

Working around the problem of investigating an invisible current, an intelligent student, even if not esoterically trained in interior perception or having any extensive knowledge of psychology, but armed with only with an inquiring mind should never hesitate to survey the state of any Rosicrucian group before joining. After diligent investigation, examination of the quality of its people gathered in such a society will provide clear indication of the presence of the Rosicrucian transmission, or its lack. This is all the non-psychic has when investigating that which is non-material. Of the interior Rosicrucian current most know practically nothing, for we are one of the most mysterious societies of all. Like Masonry, to whom we are attached, it is regarded as a secret brotherhood. Yet this secrecy is a misunderstanding which has arisen due to the hidden nature of the forces at work.

It is for its interior nature that the True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order has baffled former investigations by scholars. Many have tried to determine whether a Rosicrucian group originally existed or not, and further questioned or argued for and against the existence of our Master C.R.C. who the Fama says originally founded the Rosicrucian Order. Certain others have tried to locate his tomb described in the manifestos and failed. But the Rosicrucian current does have a centre, it is situated in transcendent planes, beyond this world and has relation to the heart of our bodies. This occurs through a raying of the macrocosm into the microcosm of man.

We have touched upon the first matter, of examining its presence but not from where and how an Invisible Rosicrucian Order may subsist. It is certain that as we have a heart at the centre of our body, so the universe has a centre where creative forces meet. This has been presented to us through understandable terms translating a transcendental reality. Nothing like the seven sided Rosicrucian Vault, or tomb of C.R.C can be concretely understood unless it is described in symbolic language. Thus it exists, but not in the normal understanding. Imagine for a moment describing a molecule to someone who has never seen or heard of such a concept before. Only diagrams and language will suffice until actual experience. That is why its seven walls and sacred seals convey that which is an abstraction and not definable by the rules governing our material universe. It is very much the temple as described if the totality of its idealistic vision would operate by our objective rules. So far as it remains an interior temple, we are speaking of a miniature universe within a universe concentrating greater energies into an intelligent pooling. There simply is no other way to describe it. Before Rosicrucians have tried to describe it physically, now and in future I will convey it functionally which provides another insight as to what it really is. Essentially this Rosicrucian tomb provides a central intermediary vehicle for human inspiration. It is the signpost and stepping stone between reintegration and present consciousness.

I call it a stepping stone because no matter what path of evolution the student takes, he will inevitably arrive at this same junction of contact within one’s consciousness. It cannot be sidestepped and is the unescapable pivotal moment of human transition, from mundane consciousness to the Way of the Heart, the Rosicrucian Temple that dwells within humankind. I will enter into the matter of this invisible temple in finer detail in future. For now the reader may simply consider it an invisible temple, and at another point a pooling because of it has positioned itself between in-streaming and out-streaming forces, and on its third point the actual heart centre of the body. By this I mean divine impulses flowing in and those impulses attaching themselves to any who encounter it, and they proceed after its impulse through the radiance of the heart. Here those forces seek action and manifestation in the pivotal meeting point between all cosmic energies and the resulting contact activates the heart of a true Rosicrucian with radiant warmth and rosy brilliance. 

Anyone who calls him or herself Rosicrucian will be recognised by their great service. Anyone who achieves true service will awaken the ability to work miracles.

Now we arrive at how this force transitions into an actual society. First in speaking of our actual body of Memphis Misraim let me therefore state the structure of the overall society which has become a recipient for the Rosicrucian transmission in our age.

The Memphis Misraim consist of three sub-societies which function as stepping stones from 1) objective reality, through to 2) symbolic reality placing the initiate eventually in contact with 3) the absolute reality. Thus by name our sub-societies are:

Society                                                 Education                             Current           Contact
The Rite of Misraim                 Objective Reality                 Masonic          Life
The Memphis Rosae Crucis     Symbolic Reality                  Rosicrucian     Consciousness
The Great White Lodge           Absolute Reality                   Pure Light       Super-conscious

When the forces of the Rosicrucian current enact upon such a body it must be carried out through stages of actualisation in varying degrees. This is why Rosicrucianism naturally attaches itself to Masonry and why there are three societies and not just one. The Rosicrucian temple, an invisible tomb that can only be substantiated by symbolic terms is carried out on the physical plane by Masonry. Thus on one hand we have a Rosicrucian Order, an outward manifestation called Memphis Rosae Crucis but maintain an awareness of its transitory role in conducting the pure Rosicrucian link to the temple. At the midpoint it is the inner order that serves to contact and invoke the energies of the invisible dispensation upon the entirety. Returning to our friend electricity another example may be gleaned. If the outward society being named Rosicrucian is not the actual ‘Rosicrucian’ element, but is rather a conductor of it, so also the immediate task of the Rosicrucian Order is to act as the battery. A battery is a perfect term used by Rosicrucians since before its invention when applied to sacred items that settle energy.[2] The fact remains this term was beforehand spiritual long before it was equated with the later invention of the electrical battery as we now know it. So what of our cycle of electricity now? We have the bulb that conducts the power and transmits the light. We furthermore have the cable or thread whereby energy passes into the bulb, and now we have a place where energy is stored and provides power in order to swell energy forth. The thread I am speaking here is that of linking with the masters of the past. So to conclude the threefold purpose of the Rosicrucian Order is; to settle energies, conduct them and transmit them to the outer lodge of Egyptian Masonry. But why is Masonry necessary in relation to Rosicrucian?

In taking up this question we must deal at first with some aspects of the Masonry under question. Firstly the emotive consciousness within the dispensation is passing into Egyptian Masonry as opposed to ‘regular Masonry.’ Although there are many ‘rites’ of Masonry, being varying brands each carrying a difference, our form is known as the Rite of Misraim. It encapsulates a wider tradition being Egyptian Masonry where others are Hebraic based alone. In doing so its quality surpasses others in the fact that it does not trace its origin merely to King Solomon but far reaches into our ancient past. Our lodge oration states this particular version of Masonry derives its heritage from the first king of Egypt, Misraim, who was the second son of Ham who was son of Noah. It was he who established the first empire of Egypt and whereby ancient knowledge passed into those lands from the pre-flood civilisation known as Atlantis. Thus we are dealing with a form of Freemasonry that was already more esoteric than it’s more widely known counterparts and furthermore will eventually replace the obsolete forms of Masonry dying away. Therefore when I speak of Masonry, I speak both of the ancient form of Freemasonry which is linked with the mystery temples of Greece and Egypt and also the ‘New Masonry’ which is currently awakening within the Rite of Misraim under the new Rosicrucian impulse.

Because its form is more symbolic, carrying deeper signs and links with Egyptian and Greek mystery traditions, as well as to the mysteries of Isis and Osiris it is only natural that this highly symbolic form of Masonry would be more capable of receiving the powers transmitted from the Rosicrucians. No other form of Masonry known today has this capability. Essentially these events have been unfolding since our founder Cagliostro revealed himself as Grand Master of the Rosicrucians in the late 1700’s under St Germaine. It was together with the Comte St Germaine that Egyptian Masonry was founded in 1782. These foundations were laid to allow for the ongoing force of the Rosicrucian current to later express itself completely which is happening in our present day. Only twice in history has the Rosicrucian current streamed into the lodge directly. The first time was during the manifesto period, while the second was during the time of Cagliostro and his counterparts such as St Martin, Mesmer, and Swedenborg etc. However only now, in our age, is it able to stream into the lodge completely. Thus a New Masonry is born which in reality is simply the completion of manifesting the forces that sought to appear in the old. It was through these contacts with the Rosicrucian force that the forms of initiation were revolutionised.

The true causation for the Rosicrucian force to rest upon and consecrate masonry depends solely upon its emphasis on the outward world. For example, so few forms of esoterism are truly concerned with worldly struggles and humanity. Masonry, while being symbolic remains at the same time firmly planted with its feet in reality. Other forms, such as Qabala have failed by remaining overly intellectual and are without a proper out-flowing medium for its spiritual energies. The New Masonry is occultism firmly planted into practicality. Thus we have up until now considered the importance of the forces at work, but not how they reach into the earth sphere and transform our planet. Energies that seek world revolution require a medium which enables them to do so. There simply is no other way. Without such a medium the esoterist is useless, being unable to apply his enlightened ideas or translate them into real living principles. The forces would fail at transforming anything of practical value for future humanity. This is why the symbol for the New Masonry includes the rainbow, which is a bridge for transitioning invisible forces into reality. Masonry alone serves to advance the purpose of the Rosicrucian current by the fact that it remains loyal to the people. Masonry at all times maintained a definite commitment to community. It has a strong sense of aid and actualises this in activities concerning community events, hospitals, educations, charities and government organisations. Thus when the Rosicrucian force connects with the Masonic body its forces become stabilised. Like a rocket landing from outer space, our cosmic vehicle also requires a landing platform.

The expression of the forces at work takes place through passing from invisible reality, by conscious contact with those forces through the gateway of symbols, and the outward activity of the Masonic Lodge. The student is drawn into the force, absorbs the occult power carried with the esoteric impulse and returns to normal consciousness bringing forwards with him the forces into the actual world. Invisible becomes visible through the activity of our Masons. Now, as I have said, this can only occur through the presence of the symbols themselves. For symbols are gateways as to provide access to elements of hidden human power. Here it is necessary that the Masonic form has correspondences with the forces within the Rosicrucian matrix. Thus the geometrical form of the outer lodge is in sympathy with the Rosicrucian interior mechanism. But the Masonic is supplanted as the final stage of force materialisation which is why the inner lodge is still required; to commence the actual activity of forces coming into action. So we may say that the inner Rosae Crucis lodge is pure Rosicrucian in that it manifests the conscious level energy, while the outer Misraim Masonry draws out the Rosicrucian flow into objective reality; into community through communal spirit. Their symbolic similarity allows for this transition of forces, maintaining all the while two distinct bodies. We find commonality again with connection between battery and bulb, whose result is outward light and illumination for the world of humankind.

[1] ‘Society of Love’ would be the best name that might describe us. Any group that descends into materialism, politics, etc or is void of love is also devoid of the Rosicrucian Spirit.

[2] Ie candles were also called ‘batteries’ in the Rosicrucian Rite of Pasqually in the 1700’s.


  1. The Rosicrucian Tradition is a stream served by many branches of esoteric teachings. I would like to suggest a complimentary reading on the subject: