Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Hermetic Rosicrucian Thoguhts

The New Esoteric Language of Rosicrucian Initiation

The nature of the describing Rosicrucian initiation now brings into consideration the subject of symbols both macrocosmically and microcosmically, thus dealing with it from the standpoint of the higher planes of the Cabala and the human being. This is due to the fact that the above process of actualisation can only be achieved through having first achieved a successful initiation in itself. Thus having in clear hindsight the goal of actualisation, we must first endeavour to produce everything that belongs to the first class of inspiration. For the modern student this explanation will require a new technical language be established to describe that which has remained unknowable to outsiders. This new language may appear complicated and abstruse at first, perhaps even unnecessary but when the mind has familiarised itself with some of the ideals it will become a natural structure explaining the nature and transition of Rosicrucian energy into the temple, and the human transition through these energies. Naturally this revelation will require meditation and study to illuminate the new paradigm. No-one elsewhere, in any earlier revelation of the teachings, has touched upon this particular matter. But I intend to lay down a broad foundation upon which the subject matter can be built up in following publications. Let us therefore look at the subject of the Tarot as the Key to initiation, being our symbolic gateway into the R.C.

In the study of symbols lies hid for the aspirant a fuller comprehension of himself and degrees of consciousness. The word consciousness has become too generalised for any usefulness, and its meaning subjected to the mainstream whimsical spiritual pursuits. The cooperative plan of the Rosicrucian current emanates the Tarot as the full expression of the Tree of Life, providing humans with stepping stones on that which is normally invisible and abstract. It also allows for accessing higher knowledge, new invention and scientific discovery due to the fact that within these regions of consciousness every manner of ingenious innovation is locked within the dormant regions of the mind. In days to come it will be realised that the education of humans is dependant not upon only learning the old knowledge, handed down as in present forms of education, but also upon aligning with symbols to access the seed of the education which springs forth the idea. This will allow for a fuller expression of the knowledge without having to labour-to-learn. Above learning that which is already imprinted in present human knowledge the student will have access to new areas of knowledge not able to be learnt through the slow process currently employed by humanity. The time consuming labour-to-learn process being replaced by the new faster mode will allow for the attainment of a new state of human civilisation, with advancements in technology, science, psychology and transport. This accelerated process of learning we shall call under the New Dispensation by the name of Manthagnosis, pronounced ‘mantha-gnosis.’ This term simply derives from the Greek manthano which means ‘to learn’ while gnosis shows that the knowledge is attained through direct acquaintance with a hidden department of consciousness. It is from the standpoint of Manthagnosis that previous Rosicrucians have transmitted their revolutional knowledge. All movers and shakers of human history, who evolved their mode of learning beyond the normal labour-to-learn method obtained insight into a revolutionary consciousness that provided the genius for change. Yet unfortunately this process cannot simply be obtained. In time you and I will do away with books, replaced by a deeper and faster mode of Rosicrucian communication.

Until Manthagnosis is obtained by the aspirant let us therefore look at the subject of the Tarot microcosmically and then trace the correspondence in the macrocosm, the heavenly planes of consciousness, not only in order to understand the mode of achieving accelerated learning but also to understand its deeper interconnectedness with the Rosicrucian current.

Later, when the knowledge here conveyed is assimilated the aspirant will come to an understand of the true meaning of Passage-Symbol, Integration-Symbol and Synthesis-Polarising-Symbol, which is the object of the Rosicrucian current to transfuse its power through these stages of activity thus truly activating the Rosicrucian current in all three lodges, and furthermore traces the path of return through the current. In the process of forming our new paradigm and language we may observe that symbols are active upon three planes of existence; the Material Plane, the Symbolic Plane and the Master Plane. Each plane corresponds to the three lodges; Misraim to objective reality, Rosae Crucis being the symbolic reality, and the Great White Lodge to the Master Plane of Absolute Reality.

Lodge of Misraim       Objective Reality        Passage-of-Symbol                Material Plane
Memphis R.C              Symbolic Reality         Integration-of-Symbol            Symbolic Plane
Great White Lodge     Absolute Reality         Revelation-of-Symbol            Master Plane

This subject will allow for a vital improvement in how aspirants tackle esoteric work with symbols. For the mechanisms of Passage, Integration and Synthesis of Symbols constitute part of the inner structure we must graduate through in the process of evolution. They have to be mastered in graduations of esoteric work, executable phases of occult procedure in order for manthagnosis to ever to become possible. It should be noted that at this point I am assuming the student will also study my commentary series in order to obtain an elementary understanding of these ideas. Without this it may be difficult. However I cannot understate the importance of renewing the approach to Masonry. Because the current moves in such an accelerated way the average seeker could be compared to the child chasing after the school-bus after it has already left the bus-stop. Only a few, not most of humanity, will be capable of drawing forth enough discipline to effectively reach the Rosicrucian sanctum. That being said, the consequences of the majority remaining only in the outer forms of Masonry are also positive in that they are to become the world servers to whom the Rosicrucian impulse is transmitted when it passes from the inner temple to the Masonic Lodge. It is only through these symbols that we can bring about greater integration, of forces and of the force itself of an effective world-serving Masonry.

To demonstrate what the above implies; in regards to the activity of symbols in the Material Plane the symbol is operated through Passage-of-Symbol work. This refers to the actual activity of symbols in the Masonic Lodge. However by Passage, Integration and Synthesis of Symbols I do not mean that they are different kinds of symbols. For example the Tarot Card of the Priestess retains the same image and representation upon all planes wether viewed in Passage or in Synthesis-of-Symbol. It is instead the way in which we communicate with them that changes on each plane to which I make reference. And by this I mean our communication in each of the three lodges also changes as we re-greet them. Therefore it could have been more positive to describe the terms as Observation-Passage-Activation, Symbol-Activation-Integration and Symbol-Synthesis-Revelation. However such a mouth-full of vocabulary is quite impossible in transmitting anything clearly. Before this publication there have been no single words that have been used to describe these events of our initiatory evolution, or even make reference to these phases properly.

In light of our language limitation I have provided the following new terms to describe the processes they represent and a clear explanation of what is occurring.
(to be continued in next blog post, Samuel Robinson)

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