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Currently Translating the Pegasus of the Firmament
Rosicrucian Order Recourse Project

Brilliant trackers of Pansophy depend upon the wanderings of the Author, the treasury of secrets brought forth from Arabia and Spain, [1]




the foundation of the college founded by four persons in particular, the artful creation of the tomb, the manifestation of the Brotherhood in its own time in the mind, steadily, again and again in the aforementioned treatise; pray, by bringing the reputation of the Worshipful Brotherhood of the Rosy  Cross together with all these things, then certainty on the same matter will appear brighter than even the noontime sun, and more well-known to the whole of Germany! Would this supreme philosopher's entire body of knowledge still existed in print today! To this we could similarly compare the Golden Fleece from the Argonautica, that is, according to the judgment of Paracelsus, a skin that encompasses the Tincture of Natural Philosophers,[2] or rather a book showing how to make gold from other metals, just as the Worshipful Brotherhood promises in its own coat of arms;[3] the Apple of the Hesperides; Mulciber[4] with Mars and Venus and the glory of the Sun; the Golden Bough of Aeneas; Jupiter with his golden rain penetrating the brazen tower; Vulcan with the crown of Ariadne and the chariot of the sun, resplendent in gold, silver, and jewels,




and other tales chosen from the Poets, chiefly about the unavoidable bath of Phoebus, and Pluto's family and infernal rule, in each of which chemical secrets, most noble and most obscure, barely known to true natural philosophers, are described by the ancients finely and carefully.


Finally, I shall reveal, in part, for those that do not known, the mystery of the Microcosm, with a harmonious comparison to oth the greater and smaller world. Mankind has been wisely called the Microcosm by the Greeks (in Latin, the "small world"), on account of it being harmoniously composed from the greater one. It is made of three essential (one might say “creative”) parts; and if one is left out or not distributed correct, the greatest errors both in theology and philosophy tend to spring forth after it! When one inappropriate piece is provided, more follow; or when one mistake is allowed, of course many follow. Therefore, a careful youth presses still more to properly understand this mystery.



At this point, I shall take up no objections to be refuted, but shall briefly decribe these three parts in order, for the sake acquiring the truth. The most potent and most noble part of man is the Soul, that heavenly Spirit, eternal, divinely inspired,[5] by which man may grasp the invisible, eternal immensities. In that Soul, or rather, in its untainted foundation, shines the Light of Grace and of Faith, lit by the word. The other part of man is commonly called the celestial[6] and vital Spirit , drawn from the stars and the virtues of the Elements; and connected with man, where Reason and the Light of Nature find their own foundation with all the arts and sciences and reveal their various operations through the senses. Nor does this Light of Reason exist safe from error, as Luther demonstrates, as well as Capnio in his Kabbalah,[7] unless and the Light of Grace is governed by a higher one! Therefore, as soon as it surpasses its own bounds under the guise of a unique Wisdom (which, alas! we always see happening often our sons this age); then it brin

[1]Having had a few weeks ot process it, I  think the word here is allatum (written as allatÅ«, but with the macron faded), being the perfect passive participle of affero, meaning "to bring forth."
[2]Tinctura Physicorum; seems like a technical term from Paracelsus.
[3]Clypaeuo = clipeo, a round metal shield.
[4]An epithet of Vulcan / Hephaestus, "the Softener."
[5] inspired literally means “breathed in;” so this is saying “breathed into man by God.”
[6] sydereus; literally, “starry”
[7] Literally, teste Luthero et capnione, “with Luther as witness and Capnio;” maybe an oath?

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Secret Rosicrucian Training Phase 2

Psychephilosis – Befriending the Symbol

Psychephilosis describes the integration phase of symbol, occurring after the sense stimulation of Apantesis. It is the second phase of any successful symbol work, either in personal contemplations or in lodge work. After stimulation the symbol acts to activate a region or enclosure of the psyche, transmitting into human consciousness an expression of its particular type of force. This particular process begins to remove the illusion of separateness between all objects and sounds in the universe. Beforehand, prior to achieving success with Apantesis all objects and experiences were observed through the outer-senses of the outer life. Now the outer experience will transition towards an inner one. By ‘success with Apantesis’ I mean that so few actually follow the process properly. Most occult schools fall short by only stimulating one of the senses, normally the visual, which alone does not serve for a complete Reintegration of nature. By this I mean that they only work with the visual symbol, possibly with colour and little else. The aspirant then suffers having only the smallest and most miniscule glimpse of the wisdom available. But when turning from our Apantesis process, we have hearing, taste, touch, sight and smell collectively stimulated towards the one symbol. We may now summarise Psychephilosis as:

Psychephilosis; emotional correspondences triggered in relation to Apantesis stimulations.

In formulating this new esoteric language the real factors of initiation have been taken into consideration. Too often they have remained blurred and unspecific, as if initiation was not an exact science. These factors that I now describe are undertaken by most occultists, even if they do not have an exact knowledge. In our modern times it is not enough to simply repeat the teachings handed down from ages, merely copying what was done. Too many fall into this trap, which is commonplace particularly in India today. Where students blindly follow the yogi, or alchemist or rabbi, only hoping to obtain the same results of some long lost master, it becomes obvious only a rare handful shall succeed. It is the precision of scientific initiation that must be followed, as a perfect outline coupled with complete recognition beyond duplication. Therefore what I describe is the underlying scientific principles of initiation, which if understood properly may be employed through a number of methods more suitable for every individual student. This is why I recommend to first follow the basic outlines. But later when the student becomes a Rosicrucian the scientific applications of the initiatory process may be freely demonstrated. You should note then that these teachings are not laid down as rules or fundamentals, but triggertory principles are all I seek to give. Method and science must be worked together through the use of discrimination, experience, courage, perseverance and most of all precision. I have placed precision above all others due to the fact that it has been the weakness of all other spiritual paths of progress. The student may be motivated, full of purpose and have at their disposal the correct techniques. But it is the precision, the very order in which they are triggered, one after the other that renders initiation truly successful; resulting in Reintegration.

Where Apantesis ends Psychephilosis begins. I stated already that Psychephilosis is emotional correspondences triggered in relationship with Apantesis stimulations. As Apantesis is the outward initiator so Psychephilosis is the inward mode of initiatory activity. And at the same time integration is occurring between the two. Psychephilosis is an internal stimulation whereby relative emotions, as the symbols internal correspondence become evidenced in relation to the symbol. Its potency is that which conjures the relative emotional ideals that the symbol embodies. This process is not to be taken lightly, as some of those emotional stimulations, where the symbol potency arises into consciousness, for observation and communication will obtain a mental independence of their own, bringing being another medium by which the psyche will appropriate its forces. A study of this process cannot therefore be understood without some knowledge of the psyche, both in its Greek and modern forms. ‘Psyche’ is the ancient word employed by Plato and Aristotle to denote the soul, as well as breath and mind. Philos means to ‘befriend, friend, lover, and dearness to one’ so that the combination suggest a dearness and befriending of oneself. Thus Psychephilosis embodies achievement of that ancient Greek charge ‘Know Thyself.’

More importantly psyche is the ancient word for ‘Butterfly’ and the Roman butterfly goddess. Naturally the butterfly’s life is symbolic of growth and transformation. It commences its cycle as an earthbound grub, to eventually transform the earthbound creature into a winged creature finding new potential flying from the earth. As with Blue Lodge activity transitioning into Rosicrucianism; the caterpillar only sees what is on the ground, but the butterfly has a greater picture by observing from above. We must also consider the position of the emblems for each lodge demonstrating a certain hierarchy of enlightenment. Here the Butterfly of the Rose Cross has succeeded the Moth of the Masonic current. If the student would but comprehend their general characteristics, such as how one is more beautiful and colourful than the other than the values of each initiation becomes clear. The aspirant was the moth in Apantesis, but in Psychephilosis transforms him-herself into the butterfly, its colourfulness showing the deeper contact the aspirant now has with the hues of the rays permeating the universe. These cosmic rays of the universe are demonstrated in the seven-sided Rosicrucian Tomb of initiation.

The Rosicrucian Tomb of CRC is another tomb, apart from that of the slain Masonic Master. Beforehand the Masonic coffin was represented by the hard cacoon of the moth. The cacoon of the silkworm, which advances the butterfly is softer and lacks the hard casing the moth had, demonstrating the finer forces and subtle conditions of Rosicrucian initiation. This more subtle silkworm casing is symbolic of the Rosicrucian coffin experienced after graduating from the Masonic stages into the Rosicrucian. The progress of life forms, evolving from one life form to another is attached to the evolution of life forms on our planet, from cellular life to all forms of life, and follows every soul advancing from one life to another, person of an ancient era returning to experience today. This evolution of life forms, and soul incarnations is demonstrated in the moths’ progression to the butterfly. An initiation accelerates this process, so a soul has transitioned, and incarnates from one cycle into another. This transition of forms, this transition of tombs, from the moths’ cacoon to the butterfly’s, from the tomb of Hiram Abiff to the tomb of CRC is naturally a reflection of the fact that Christian Rosenkruetz, the Rosicrucian Master was the reincarnation of Hiram Abiff, the Masonic hero, which is demonstrated in the temple mystery drama. In both cases the cacoon stage of the moth and butterfly is the ‘night sea journey of the hero.’ Just as with these creatures transformations, the mystery drama of the Rosicrucian cycle makes the aspirant born again in the Masonic Tomb and again in the Rosicrucian Tomb. In both cases it was necessary to enter into a dark-unknown self-region, one more energetically subtle.

The word psyche also derives from the Roman goddess Psyche. Much emphasis could be derived from an examination from her tale. As with all mythological tales its real value is in the fabric of analogy. Yet we have little time now to examine her fully. Briefly she was the goddess representing the soul. Her symbol was the butterfly and she had butterfly wings. Of real importance from her legend is the fact that first she was mortal, born of mortal parents, but later she ascended the hierarchy, joining the company of the gods becoming an immortal herself. What does this tell you about the soul, or psyche when reaching the Rosicrucian current? Another Greek word for butterfly is petaloudia. Where Apantesis also meant ‘gathering of roses’ petaloudia rightly in its original Greek meaning meant ‘the spreading out of petals’ thereby denoting the blossoming of the soul experienced through the Rosicrucian degrees and ones elevation in the celestial hierarchy.

Psychephilosis describes the process of inner universe perception, transitioning from outward senses to mind sense perception. We have spoken of stimulating the outer five senses through Apantesis. But how stimulation of the internal senses, the mind-sense occurs is very different because it relies on nothing from the outside. Only invocative astral-imaging, and divine appraisal may aid the mind-senses adjustment to the force of the symbol. The force will demonstrate itself in one of two manners; in either a personification manner manifesting the image-forms of deities, angels and light-beings, or; without personificating entity-images, whereby certain feelings, desires and new inspiration will flow directly into the consciousness through the Psychephilosis experience. At first we shall only adopt the image-forms because they facilitate the other which is a higher mode. In this the communication with the symbol has turned itself from being an outward experience of sense stimulation, towards an inward experience where it takes on astral-forms, inwards sounds and images. It is precisely in this region of the mind and of recognition of these astral forms that distinction is found between the world-images of Sporadikosmos. In other words, every aspect of the psyche and outer world is now becoming more categorised and organised as a part of the universal whole that is represented by the Tree of Life.

The question of its practicality is largely a matter of understanding the archetypes of the Tree of Life universe; but in relation to Apantesis, or otherwise our method would not differ much from the obsolete formula. The known and unknown abstract levels of consciousness to be found in the Tree of Life are represented by the Tarot symbolism. As explained in the law of correspondences each plane upon the Tree of Life has correlations upon the physical universe, experienced through objective reality. Our five senses are the front of experiencing these correspondences, however usually humans suffer from merely experiencing the outer sense stimulation in daily life without comprehending the invisible force being contacted of which the stimulator is the manifestation of forces. When therefore, anyone taste, sees of touches something, they encounter definite correspondences belonging to various worlds within the Tree of Life. The process of Psychephilosis allows us to build into our Archaeus memory of the connection between those taste and senses and the deeper forces at work behind those experiences.

Perhaps as a suggestion we might reverse the idea of Psychephilosis. If this were done so, certain emotions would be stimulated first, so as to consciously encounter the forces of our inner universe. Then in continuing to reverse the process, we would approach Apantesis after Psychephilosis. Now after emotional stimulation the student would practice the reversed stimulus by tasting, hearing and touching corresponding taste, sounds and textures definitely related to that symbol. If such would be effective it would build into our memory the correlations between mind and matter. However this discipline would not subdue the desired result of Reintegration. This is because the emotional stimulation depends upon first outward stimulations to be truly effective. Anyone can become aware that certain colours, certain sounds and certain taste bring about a different feeling as a result of encountering it. Some colours make us angry, others depressed. Each colour or sound arouses in the psyche its own mood in the human whose consciousness responds to the stimulation. Chronic mental health patients are given pink rooms because the psychological experts know that the colour pink has a calming effect upon patients who suffer from anxieties and agitations. Thus in order to truly align our mind-body, and perception of mind and matter we must begin from the outside in, triggering the emotions with appropriate stimulus through the five senses. There simply is no other way in our present human condition.

A particular emotional response should always ensue from Apantesis. Some students may not be responsive at first to all stimuluses however the Psychephilosis training will help cultivate correct responses. The medium of training Psychephilosis is the Astral Plane. In every case the symbol is brought to life in an astral imaging, on the part of the symbolic agency, to enact the force generated in the psyche in more concrete form. Thus Apantesis is succeeded specifically with mind visualisations which transform the symbol and aroused emotion into a vibrant living mind-world-image. We are retracing our footsteps from the creator, negating ‘word made flesh’ and ascending by transforming ‘world made mind forces’ only to eventually return later in the final stages of Rosicrucian training through the path of actualisation. Let me demonstrate the process of ascending from Apantesis to Psychephilosis through the following statements of fundamental principles: 

1.      The soul shall communicate through the instrument of the symbolic.
2.      The student on the physical plane recognises the contact as occurring through the medium of the mind forms he or she formulates as a vehicle for divine expression.
3.      Then the light of the soul shall shine forth upon these invocative mind-images.
4.      Apantesis sounds forth its note allowing the created mind-image to arise in consonance by uniting the responsive emotion arising to the mind-image.
5.      The mind-image, embodying the emotion arisen, sheaths itself in an aspect of the aspirants’ own personality, gaining strength from the power of the aspirant.
6.      Then cooperating with the will-power of the aspirant, it takes itself to a sense of its own independence, reconstituting itself in the down pouring substance of higher planes, becoming vitalised by the emanations of the soul, achieves its own state of ‘I-Am,’ gaining its own individual  life being awakened by the emanations of the soul.
7.      Only when the mind-image is animated by the soul-rays does it transcend being a mind illusion, the image now cooperating with its archetypal celestial force.
8.      The Rosicrucian may now objectively communicate with the force.
9.      The Rosicrucian may now ‘Know Thyself’ in the pure soul personality.

The process is to be repeated for all images of all planes. In undertaking each process the Rosicrucian experiences a type of force either in its direct emotional emission or in some form it may embody. At first the student must employ the astral-image to help integrate the rays of the soul. Once, this was mystified into being what ancient civilisations called ‘communion with the gods.’ The wise student will ponder on the deeper mechanism behind this process, for it holds a clue towards much that is rarely seen today. The secret of this soul-to-astral-image integration has been hardly explained in most systems of initiation. But only when applying again the scientific process, which has manifested in the present cycle of the New Dispensation, will a rhythmic dawning bond be established between soul and mental images. This cannot be undertaken in any other way so as to guarantee activation of the mental world images by the soul. This however only explains the theory of the process of initiation, not the actual method. As explained before I shall lay out the fundamental concepts in this volume for future work. The practical detailing of the Psychephilosis technique appears in my third volume, titled ‘Mystical Teachings of Memphis Misraim.’ But briefly spoken we may summarise that mode of work as Path Working the Tree of Life, as a visionary method to communicate with the soul-activated mental images. This volume however will detail the practical methods of Apantesis to get the student started. Then only after succeeding in those exercises proceed onto the next phase of Manthagnosis work described in my ‘Mystical Teachings of Memphis Misraim’ and ‘Virtue Cultivation in the Mystery Tradition’ teaching a special path of self development for the Egyptian Mason.

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Secret Hermetic Training Phase 1

Apantesis – Greeting the Symbol

Apantesis describes the passage-involvement phase of symbol work. It is the first phase of any symbol work, wether for personal symbol work, or symbols present in the lodge. This term applies to the symbols used in the Masonic Misraim lodge for initiation. The candidates during their first initiation will encounter symbols and Apantesis describes what process is occurring between human and symbol. Essentially the symbols in the Masonic Lodge are in harmony and parallel to the forces inside the Rosicrucian current encountered in the higher degrees of the Order. Thus the word passage is also used to effectively show the bridging purpose of the symbol, in the transition of the aspirant from the Masonic to the Rosicrucian Brotherhood. Without these symbols, being in this case temple symbols and the Tarot Cards presented during the rituals, the link would be lost to the Rosicrucian current, as Masonry has not arrested it. Normally the introduction to such symbols is done in a formal fashion, during initiation ceremonies which tend to impress those symbols into the consciousness of the candidate better. In ancient Greek Apantesis means ‘an official meeting,’ which is occurring when encountering the symbol, either in ritual or in personally quiet meditations. Every time you hold a Tarot card and meditate upon it, you initiate the Apantesis phase of symbol interaction. Therefore it does not only apply to the first phase of Lodge work, but also to the process occurring when any individual aspirant works in meditation or mysticism towards any symbol, Tarot or otherwise.

A simple key phrase that summarises Apantesis is; physical stimulation towards symbol.

I have already explained that the Rosicrucian current is connected to the Masonic for the purpose of externalising and actualising its forces through Masonry. I have not however mentioned that the Rosicrucians have always used the Masonic body to have suitable selection grounds on which to select its members. Thus since the 1700’s Masonry for the hidden Rosicrucian bodies allowed a place where candidates could be scanned and tested, and perhaps invited into the inner Rosicrucian current. Thus it is fitting and highly significant that another ancient origin Apantesis is also Apanthesis, meaning ‘the time to gather roses.’ It is also no coincidence that in our modern times Apantesis is furthermore the name for a species of moth, beautiful compared with other moth creatures of its kind. The symbolism of the moth explains Apantesis quite well. Pointedly the moth is a nocturnal creature unlike the butterfly. Nocturnal creatures have philosophical symbolism such as:

·         Dreams
·         Shadows
·         Otherworldliness
·         Secret Knowledge
·         Psychic Awareness

These symbolic attributes are gathered because night creatures conduct their life-sustaining activities in complete darkness. As symbols and Tarot are under observation it shows our human transition from physical sensory perception to a new mode of life; of increased intuitive feeling. Philosophically speaking, night creatures do not tumble in the dark and armed with symbols neither will humans. The aspirant is activated to employ his or her dreams, awareness, and deeper inner knowing to navigate through the dark uncertainty of life. The moth’s cacoon has a hard casing unlike the butterfly, to protect it from danger. This is also suggestive of the Masonic coffin of initiation, into which the candidate is placed in the Third Degree, one of the strongest death symbols employed to good effect since the days of the Egyptians and their initiatory sarcophagi.

Before explaining Apantesis more, let me divert for a moment into the subject of the transition of forces into the Masonic lodge again. And let me also state one simple fact; all that applies to the transition of Rosicrucian forces to the Lodge, also applies to the individual seeker who works alone in their own inner temple. The real significance of this transition of energies, this externalisation of invisible forces into reality, will never be understood without our new language base. The Rosicrucian forces, that forwards human evolution, are outwardly demonstrated in our initiatory scheme through the presence of symbols. Our Memphis Misraim temple, as established in the outer Masonic lodge of the Rite of Misraim, is a miniature replica of the greater synthesis of those higher forces that manipulate, control and demonstrate through enlightened Masonic Rosicrucians the seven sacred planets, the ring of the zodiac, the kerubim, as well as the greater matrix that governs the universe. The temple is not only a mirror of the macrocosm, but also induces its forces into the consciousness of those gathered within this geometrical temple harmonisation. If we return to our friend electricity, we now find the current entering into circuits, resistors and transistors with transformers. These electrical components are our symbols guiding and directing the energy into particular activity. At the centre of this matrix is a microchip, which is receiving the summation of all transmissions. It receives and then records, followed by achieving an updated programming. This is essentially the human who is on the receiving end of this great symbolic matrix he or she is cast within.

Essentially the temple construct seeks to provide fit conditions for the transmission of the Rosicrucian energies into all initiates. This it produces in the initiate through its geometric work of blending together the higher impulses with an outward corresponding form that represents and therefore transmits the inner nature. It is through this perfect correspondence, between temple and universe that the streams of light may emanate. The symbols might be considered as the portals on our planet for the forces of the Rosicrucian initiation. This initiation is entered through the full provision of those right correspondences which develop and stimulate the aspirant exposed to them in a certain way. It is here at the moment of being exposed to those correspondences that Apantesis is triggered.

Thus the process of Apantesis may be defined as follows; the activation and transmission of these higher forces through the correspondences of; sound, colour, scent, touch, taste. All these sensory perceptions, through the agency of attuned stimulation, are capable of adjusting the consciousness, by providing the right conditions to the reception of one single force or many forces at once. This is only natural as we receive everything we know before achieving Manthagnosis through the five senses. Some idea of the attuned stimulation may be gained if we briefly summarise the different aspects of these human correspondences. But first it is important to bear in mind that Apantesis is not the goal or end result. It is only a process by which we are able to achieve entrance into the next phase of integration. For example in the following explanations I will speak about psychic senses as being mediums by which the Mason gains access into the Rosicrucian current. These psychic modes of communication are brought about by Apantesis, for Apantesis serves as a bridge towards those communicative abilities. The initiate through a series of graded operations will achieve these higher faculties by forming inward connections between his own hidden powers and outward experiences. These interior-psyche connections are drawn together through the medium of activating the correspondences through experiencing them practically. Here all correspondences connect us with the force behind the symbol. The vision, sound and smell stimulations greatly extend the ability to sense the presence of these forces in nature, and in ordinary life. Suddenly the attuned person realises the interrelation of ‘ordinary’ things as they relate within one vast universal scheme of higher forces at work, influencing the world. Every red colour he sees, or every yellow she sees, or every sweet taste, is now united to a divine impulse. So on one hand the aspirant becomes aware of forces at work in daily life, through understanding that all sounds, colours and smells are the by-products of forces and is aware of which forces, but furthermore he/she reaches beyond ordinary consciousness, which is mostly externally focused, but now recognises these forces within. This new recognition forms a couplement between his consciousness and the invisible hierarchies, and the invisible Rosicrucian Temple. It is this couplement, this connection between sense and forces that we describe the psychic senses for, and how training the ordinary senses with the process of Apantesis works.

At first I will indicate the physical sense being stimulated in Apantesis, and which psychic couplement the aspirant achieves through the Rosicrucian work:

Sound of the Symbol: In the sound correspondence the work of the symbol is directed towards the discriminative attunement of clairaudience, meaning ‘clear hearing.’ I say discriminative because all symbols and therefore all sounds must be experienced in corresponding conjunction to develop the correct sensory response. Thus the main characteristic of the sound-symbol activity is the directing towards invisible forces, at first of the elemental kind, and later even of the supernal kind, by building a sensory bridge for the development of clairaudience. The matter of the activity, hearing sounds in correspondence with ‘meeting a symbol’ forms the most subtle connection between sounds and forces. However the development rest upon the Rosicrucian knowledge of stimulating correct sounds in relation to correct symbols, in the presence of all other correspondences such as colours etc. The result of the procedure at first is unconscious, but becomes a conscious connection to the True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order when clairaudience becomes active. Normally this is done through direct experience, either alone or in the Masonic Lodge. Each degree is prescribed Apantesis work, where sounds, scents etc are stimulated in connection with their corresponding symbol. Briefly the other sense stimulations of Apantesis include:

Taste of the Symbol: In the taste correspondence of the work a certain taste is placed in connection with a particular symbol. Normally it is undertaken through the Eucharist ceremony of the degree or the Apantesis work of the degree. The process aims at forming an inner connection for later clairhambience, meaning ‘clear tasting’ being not exactly a ‘tasting’ but another higher faculty which provides a similar sense of forces. Feeling of the Symbol:  In the lodge and degree process the rudimentary activity of feeling is increased. Here physical textures and temperatures are placed in connection with symbols, later developing into clairsentience, meaning ‘clear feeling.’ Many temple or ceremonial props are used in conjunction to stimulate and trigger correct feelings. Smell of the Symbol: in the process certain smells are involved in perfect correspondence to the forces at work. This aspect of Apantesis depends on the scents, oils, incenses and herbs employed in the Rosicrucian work. It leads to clairalience, meaning ‘clear smelling.’ Sight of the Symbol: This aspect of Apantesis involves the depiction, geometry and colour. By geometry I mean the shapes and measurements of the symbols involved. This part of Apantesis can lead to clairvoyance, meaning ‘clear seeing.’ These are the five symbol stimulations. 

I have not as yet described the exact Apantesis process involved but will do so in greater detail in the commentary series. At first it will appear as though the experience of Apantesis is no different from any other esoteric work. However it is very different in that this process is more precise. The student is placing his or her inner nature in relation to the outside world in a fine tuning process. For example the student sits, concentrates on the symbol and then sounds the corresponding note on a musical instrument, such as a xylophone. This places the sound in firm connection with a certain force. The process is repeated for all 22 Tarot Cards, until all sounds of the symbols are integrated. The student is tested, presenting sounds only, and is required to identify which symbols that sound corresponds with. For example; 1) Probationer rings a certain musical note. 2) The student listens and a symbol should arise in the mind of the student in connection with that sound. 3) The student must identify which force that sound represents, in that the symbol is the inner-image of the force, to which the mind recognises the force in future experimentations.

In reality Apantesis is limited to the sense-process undertaken, which forms the inner connections. It is the next phase of work, Psychephilosis which connects these sense-stimulations firmly together within the realms of the psyche within Rosicrucian initiation. Perhaps because the theory of Apantesis work is difficult to grasp as yet I will provide the following three examples, which are extremely basic examples of the work. But to repeat, Apantesis is always the physical work of sense stimulation, the outer and objective.

Apantesis Process – 1 - Sound
1.       Select a Symbol
2.       Ring its corresponding sound/note on the xylophone
3.       Meditate on the symbol with eyes closed
4.       Strive to perceive the same sound on invisible planes
5.       Repeat for all 22 Tarot Cards or symbol sets over a period of one year
6.       Probationer tests the students’ response to sounds. Student to identify the correct of symbol force he or she is hearing the Probationer sound aloud.
Apantesis Process 2 - Colour
1.       Select a Symbol
2.       Paint the Symbol in the right Colour
3.       Meditate concentrating on the coloured symbol
4.       Examine your house and identify this colour on all things
5.       On everything you encounter of the right colour, close your eyes and see the symbol again to clearly associate the object with the symbol.
6.       Probationer tests students’ knowledge of colours.
Apantesis Process 3 - Elemental Taste
1.       Select something Sour
2.       Concentrate on the Symbol
3.       Meditate on symbol with eyes closed
4.       Strive to obtain a sense of that same taste on the symbol plane
5.       Eat your dinner and identify the presence of that element
If you read the First Temple Lecture you will note that this process is a direct reversal of the process explained there. It is a stepping stone on our path of return, to the lost ability when language and words were magical utterations of higher consciousness, when humankind was capable of properly expressing divine powers through speech and artistry, when every letter spoken from the mouth carried a certain spiritual force. This was normally referred to as the restoration of the lost magical language of the Universal Adam by the older Rosicrucian dispensations of the 1700’s. Under the New Dispensation we call this process of carrying forwards divine forces in human speech by the name of Astrapetion. This word derives from the Greek goddess of lightning, Astrape, whose eyes and mouth cast forth lightning for Zeus, father of the gods. This will be one of the goals of our Rosicrucian work.

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New Hermetic Rosicrucian Thoguhts

The New Esoteric Language of Rosicrucian Initiation

The nature of the describing Rosicrucian initiation now brings into consideration the subject of symbols both macrocosmically and microcosmically, thus dealing with it from the standpoint of the higher planes of the Cabala and the human being. This is due to the fact that the above process of actualisation can only be achieved through having first achieved a successful initiation in itself. Thus having in clear hindsight the goal of actualisation, we must first endeavour to produce everything that belongs to the first class of inspiration. For the modern student this explanation will require a new technical language be established to describe that which has remained unknowable to outsiders. This new language may appear complicated and abstruse at first, perhaps even unnecessary but when the mind has familiarised itself with some of the ideals it will become a natural structure explaining the nature and transition of Rosicrucian energy into the temple, and the human transition through these energies. Naturally this revelation will require meditation and study to illuminate the new paradigm. No-one elsewhere, in any earlier revelation of the teachings, has touched upon this particular matter. But I intend to lay down a broad foundation upon which the subject matter can be built up in following publications. Let us therefore look at the subject of the Tarot as the Key to initiation, being our symbolic gateway into the R.C.

In the study of symbols lies hid for the aspirant a fuller comprehension of himself and degrees of consciousness. The word consciousness has become too generalised for any usefulness, and its meaning subjected to the mainstream whimsical spiritual pursuits. The cooperative plan of the Rosicrucian current emanates the Tarot as the full expression of the Tree of Life, providing humans with stepping stones on that which is normally invisible and abstract. It also allows for accessing higher knowledge, new invention and scientific discovery due to the fact that within these regions of consciousness every manner of ingenious innovation is locked within the dormant regions of the mind. In days to come it will be realised that the education of humans is dependant not upon only learning the old knowledge, handed down as in present forms of education, but also upon aligning with symbols to access the seed of the education which springs forth the idea. This will allow for a fuller expression of the knowledge without having to labour-to-learn. Above learning that which is already imprinted in present human knowledge the student will have access to new areas of knowledge not able to be learnt through the slow process currently employed by humanity. The time consuming labour-to-learn process being replaced by the new faster mode will allow for the attainment of a new state of human civilisation, with advancements in technology, science, psychology and transport. This accelerated process of learning we shall call under the New Dispensation by the name of Manthagnosis, pronounced ‘mantha-gnosis.’ This term simply derives from the Greek manthano which means ‘to learn’ while gnosis shows that the knowledge is attained through direct acquaintance with a hidden department of consciousness. It is from the standpoint of Manthagnosis that previous Rosicrucians have transmitted their revolutional knowledge. All movers and shakers of human history, who evolved their mode of learning beyond the normal labour-to-learn method obtained insight into a revolutionary consciousness that provided the genius for change. Yet unfortunately this process cannot simply be obtained. In time you and I will do away with books, replaced by a deeper and faster mode of Rosicrucian communication.

Until Manthagnosis is obtained by the aspirant let us therefore look at the subject of the Tarot microcosmically and then trace the correspondence in the macrocosm, the heavenly planes of consciousness, not only in order to understand the mode of achieving accelerated learning but also to understand its deeper interconnectedness with the Rosicrucian current.

Later, when the knowledge here conveyed is assimilated the aspirant will come to an understand of the true meaning of Passage-Symbol, Integration-Symbol and Synthesis-Polarising-Symbol, which is the object of the Rosicrucian current to transfuse its power through these stages of activity thus truly activating the Rosicrucian current in all three lodges, and furthermore traces the path of return through the current. In the process of forming our new paradigm and language we may observe that symbols are active upon three planes of existence; the Material Plane, the Symbolic Plane and the Master Plane. Each plane corresponds to the three lodges; Misraim to objective reality, Rosae Crucis being the symbolic reality, and the Great White Lodge to the Master Plane of Absolute Reality.

Lodge of Misraim       Objective Reality        Passage-of-Symbol                Material Plane
Memphis R.C              Symbolic Reality         Integration-of-Symbol            Symbolic Plane
Great White Lodge     Absolute Reality         Revelation-of-Symbol            Master Plane

This subject will allow for a vital improvement in how aspirants tackle esoteric work with symbols. For the mechanisms of Passage, Integration and Synthesis of Symbols constitute part of the inner structure we must graduate through in the process of evolution. They have to be mastered in graduations of esoteric work, executable phases of occult procedure in order for manthagnosis to ever to become possible. It should be noted that at this point I am assuming the student will also study my commentary series in order to obtain an elementary understanding of these ideas. Without this it may be difficult. However I cannot understate the importance of renewing the approach to Masonry. Because the current moves in such an accelerated way the average seeker could be compared to the child chasing after the school-bus after it has already left the bus-stop. Only a few, not most of humanity, will be capable of drawing forth enough discipline to effectively reach the Rosicrucian sanctum. That being said, the consequences of the majority remaining only in the outer forms of Masonry are also positive in that they are to become the world servers to whom the Rosicrucian impulse is transmitted when it passes from the inner temple to the Masonic Lodge. It is only through these symbols that we can bring about greater integration, of forces and of the force itself of an effective world-serving Masonry.

To demonstrate what the above implies; in regards to the activity of symbols in the Material Plane the symbol is operated through Passage-of-Symbol work. This refers to the actual activity of symbols in the Masonic Lodge. However by Passage, Integration and Synthesis of Symbols I do not mean that they are different kinds of symbols. For example the Tarot Card of the Priestess retains the same image and representation upon all planes wether viewed in Passage or in Synthesis-of-Symbol. It is instead the way in which we communicate with them that changes on each plane to which I make reference. And by this I mean our communication in each of the three lodges also changes as we re-greet them. Therefore it could have been more positive to describe the terms as Observation-Passage-Activation, Symbol-Activation-Integration and Symbol-Synthesis-Revelation. However such a mouth-full of vocabulary is quite impossible in transmitting anything clearly. Before this publication there have been no single words that have been used to describe these events of our initiatory evolution, or even make reference to these phases properly.

In light of our language limitation I have provided the following new terms to describe the processes they represent and a clear explanation of what is occurring.
(to be continued in next blog post, Samuel Robinson)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A New Rosicrucian Dispensation?

Method of the New Rosicrucian Dispensation

The method of the New Dispensation expresses ideals properly by orientating pure seed thoughts into the building process of actualisation. Thus we may call this work ‘actualisation’ because no word definitely expresses the breaking of the barriers between higher conscious and outward form planes. The veil that supposedly exists in the Temple, between the outer ritual court and the inner Sanctum Sanctorum of holy places is in reality an analogy of the true disconnectedness that existed under the old conditions. Under the old forms mystery traditions have spoken of ‘outer mysteries’ and ‘inner mysteries’ whereas now there is only the Great Mystery concerning all. This breaking of the veil brings about the desired results in the subconscious plane immersing inner self realities, that were previously hidden in the subconscious to outer self personality and hence action. In every sense it is the Repairer that amends the division between macrocosm and microcosm after this breaking of the veil.  The new method allows for initiates to embody their higher Will and to express love, and gain momentum to manifest a world of pure ideas. However speculation and concern for how our outward life should be will no longer be relevant. Where once there was desire for a certain thing to be, the new initiate instead will be compelled to shape his life after the spiritual forces s/he has contacted within. This is not done with consideration to the ‘when’ of actualisation because of the acute awareness of his or her irrelevance to the infinitesimal existence of human continuity.

In other words for the casual reader; person A wishes find a cure for cancer. In an ideal world there is a cure for this disease. He may not achieve the end result in his lifetime. However, through touching the pure consciousness of the inner planes he recognises the forces at work also wishing to cure cancer. He is their divine agent and outlet working in rapport with these guiding forces. The ‘when’ of achieving his end result, the ‘when of finding a cure,’ is of no concern. Working ceaselessly however he comes closer to this discovery. At the end of his lifetime he did not find a cure. But he did not fail. Far from it, instead he has radically brought science one step closer to finding the cure. In the greater scheme of human existence he has served to transcend old levels of medical discovery. Human beings later contact the same level of consciousness, and continue to work allowing medical science to thrive and grow. These events are occurring now and within four generations it is certain we will have achieved a cure for cancer. The problem of previous and most present initiates however is that they only perceive of the ideal of the cure but do not to commit to the result. They have an ideal, whatever that may be, but give up before even starting building upon it, by being overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task at hand. This failure is the result of ego, as if the whole task was up to one person alone. We are never to be crushed by the weight of responsibility but elevated by the opportunity to increase human kinds’ awareness. If he or she started with the awareness that human progress will continue this work, then much more can be achieved. Your task may concern enlightening education, saving the environment, or simply healing people’s conscious pains. Whatever the case, the New Dispensation brings about the solution for spiritual laziness; a solution to achieve everyone’s divine task. So remember the initiative required for pure ideals to manifest now implies that a terrific awareness of the wholeness of the evolutionary and continuity process must be considered at all times in a conscious manner. 

The above example is however very limited because it applies to the circumstances of forwarding medicine and not initiation which is the real question at hand. In forwarding initiation the same applies but can only be understood through very abstract means. This is due to the fact that the attainment of consciousness which is the goal cannot be as concretely describes as say – a cure for cancer. We intend instead to repair the aspirant of other human frailties; an animal degradation which must be purified through another form of cure which is not describable in the same clarity we could objectify say; medicinal compounds or medical equipment. But our illustration serves a point: like our good friend the doctor, one student has the capacity of advancing the human race by simply exceeding all previous limitations and expectations of what he or she can BE. The initiate’s work, of advancing the attainment of initiation, and hence the levels of consciousness possible is more difficult. But the levels he or she contacts serve to advance stages that were previously out of reach into hopefully a human normality. Consider this relationship through numbered levels of attainment. Every human exist on the tenth plane, but eight and nine are possible to experience as levels of consciousness for the few aspiring minds who are able to conceive of higher possibilities. A certain group of collective individuals attain levels eight and nine through initiation. These individuals act as intermediaries between levels 8 and 10 and demonstrate to the rest of humanity the possibility of level 8 which was before considered unattainable. Humanity learns to grasp level 8 and is pulled forwards and after a period of time humanity enters a new era where level 8 for all humanity becomes the accepted normality of every day existence. This however being achieved, the initiates now imagine the possibility of levels 7 and 6 and conceive of yet higher possibilities. These levels could not have been imagined by initiates while existing on level 10. Only levels 9 and 8 could have been imagined from level ten. But having attained level 8 the initiates again struggle for higher illumination and after attaining it will communicate it for all to experience after themselves. Thus like our friend the doctor the initiate has broken through old barriers, advancing the science of consciousness and clarifying our reality of BEING.

Outwardly, a simple summation of the New Dispensation method might suffice to say; it is the consideration of a perfect ideal and the willpower to enact upon it. This may sound simple at first but much more consideration needs to be given towards what the perfect ideal means. Rosicrucians certainly have appeared from time to time delivering such perfect ideals through published ‘Manifestos.’ Yet very little action can be taken place before pure ideals are conceived and consciously understood by a developed mind, being well nurtured through the three degrees of the Lodge of Elias Artista. Thus our first goal is to form inner bridges within the subconscious realms of the student that allow for a perfect flow of spiritual force to outward manifestation. It begins with the process of identifying spiritual forces, recognising them properly and then channelling those energies into an outlet that allows for a completion of the new initiation. As those bridges are nurtured and strengthened the capacity for those channels to become highways of pure energy increases. Thus at its highest degree spiritual powers may ensue, but more on this in the next volume.

Let us employ the following comparison between the initiate of the old method and the New Dispensation. Person B is an initiate of the old method. Person C belongs to the New Dispensation. Person B is given spiritual symbols for meditation and study. He may belong to the western occult path or the eastern yogic path, it does not matter which; both systems are obsolete. Now he works with those symbols, attains insight and vision into their meaning. When he progresses he discovers the spiritual forces at work behind them and discovers that those symbols were in fact doorways to hidden worlds. He even encounters angelic beings and the elemental creatures within the worlds of those symbols. The goal and end result for him is to obtain more knowledge from these angels and creatures. It may also imply that he obtains a greater understanding of his own inner qualities and emotions. For him the greatest possibility is to transform his emotions and perhaps mind. Person C undertakes the work however under the New Dispensation. Perhaps he carries out the very same procedures and methods. His conditions and experiences are the same. However he progresses onto a fourth stage of work, the corresponding outlet. His transformed emotions are provided with an avenue of outlet so as to truly integrate the spiritual experience. He understands that spiritual powers are only imaginative until manifested. The last stage of work for him is to release these potent energies into the human domain automatically making this form of initiation more effective. To do this he will find a corresponding activity in an environment through which to express those enlightening encounters.

The above may seem like a small difference. Perhaps person B indeed sees his life differently and has many more new insights into life. But the fact remains the spiritual forces at work have not completed their path of expression and bodily integration except through mental or emotional stimulation. Initiate C on the other hand will complete the cycle and obtain recognisable spiritual results. Furthermore through experiences he will gain understanding, which person B does not attain. The next beneficial resulting achievement of this initiation is the attainment of ‘likeness’ to which the Greeks said was ‘likeness to God’ implying moreover that the initiate has learned to manifest ideas/ideals into actual creation as co-creator; he is achieving actualisation, so sought after in the New Dispensation.

This brings us to deeper objectives behind the Rosicrucian employment this method; spiritual forces can now actualise their rays in the life body, now illuminating mind, body and soul as a completely initiated individual. This body aspect is often ignored in the West.

Deepening spiritual forces in the energetic network of the human body was not possible for person B. Person B has taken no physical course of action so the light powers at work cannot deepen their influence through the life matrix in his Archaeus, being the Paracelsian term for etheric body. But for Person C spiritual rays now stimulate the life body because he has taken up a corresponding activity, storing those energies in a reservoir or wellspring in the Archaeus for later occult use. Here spiritual energies are entering and building up in the Archaeus, an invisible energetic body that governs the activity of the physical body before any movement is taken.[1] Thus action through a practical outlet completes the deepening of spiritual forces in the initiates’ energetic psychic-plasma tissue. It is here in the Archaeus that the spiritual centres and dormant psychic powers reside and where all energies required for later healing and occult work must be stored. On one hand he works for actualisation of divine ideals, which is a service for all humanity, and on the other hand the virtues being employed will purify his spiritual-life-vehicle which in turn grants him or her unparalleled spiritual powers that allow for a yet higher form of Rosicrucian work.[2]

The practicality of this deepening of spiritual forces in our energetic makeup consist of three disciplines which are 1) the work that leads to realisation and 2) the work of the energetic body, and 3) the practical outlet releasing energy into the world.

The first phase tends to be the same as any other work from before the New Dispensation, however I have clarified this process with a new language through the terms Apantesis, Psychephilosis and Gamosis. When I say realisation I am of course speaking of the line of work that ascends the consciousness, contacting the celestial hierarchy. Thus as with New Dispensation initiation there is an ascent as well as a descent; the return of our demi-god stature can only be achieved through actualisation. The second phase of the energetic body draws forth the new energies contacted through phase one. The human body has been the most widely ignored aspect of initiation. Its essential capacity allows for reception of these divine energies, bridging them from consciousness into objective reality. The energetic body, our Archaeus shall be our medium of transmitting the will of the super powers into reality. The practicality of this matter is undertaken through our breathing process as well as correct stimulation of the acupressure centres. These meridians and centres on the body shall be engaged not only for self healing but also to allow our energetic egg to become a reservoir of transmitting divine purpose. By connecting the spiritual impulses to our energetic centres/acupuncture points we succeed in deepening the spiritual forces at work within our bodies prior to undertaking the process of external actualisation. This shall serve to amplify our motivation and bodily harmonisation with spiritual forces when working towards actualisation as an advent of our divine manifestation. The actualisation of those forces, in phase three occurs at first through following selected activity of suitable corresponding action for the force to be allowed release. This is the last phase of the essential work of the New Dispensation, where enlightenment becomes reality. From this point the initiate will become a very advanced individual, on part with the greats of history, and to become figures of history themselves. However that goal is quite far from the immediate task which is the first phase.

I have already said that the middle path of the New Dispensation simply is: Manifestation brought by Realisation. So in order to bring about this manifestation, this divine actualisation of the spiritual light in the world, we are first left to deal with the matter of realisation in itself. In the following documents I shall explain the process of Rosicrucian realisation; how to read the Book of Nature, which is the first step of actualisation. Later in this initiatory series you shall read how to bring this realisation into reality.

This brief summary of the Rosicrucian and Rite of Misraim achievement process may suffice:

1.      Realisation is achieved in the Blue Lodge of Masonry, our Lodge of Elias Artista
It is achieved in itself with:
                                                              i.      Apantesis – See Thyself
                                                            ii.      Psychephilosis – Know Thyself
                                                          iii.      Gamosis – Be Thyself
2.      The work of deepening divine impulses through the body belongs to the Rosicrucian degrees of the Memphis Rosae Crucis.
It is achieved in itself with:
                                                              i.      (removed)
3.      The work of releasing the totality of the energies is undertaken in the Great White Brotherhood Lodge of the Secreto Secretorum.

[1] Archaeus is a term from Paracelsus used to describe the invisible life body, or body of life energies, often called etheric body by western occultist and the Nepesch by Kabalist.
[2] (The actual spiritual powers attained are not the concern of this volume. They are listed and dealt with in the next volume. This volume then deals with the possible physical outlets which must be understood first or otherwise any spiritual potencies obtained will be lost.)