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Brilliant trackers of Pansophy depend upon the wanderings of the Author, the treasury of secrets brought forth from Arabia and Spain, [1]




the foundation of the college founded by four persons in particular, the artful creation of the tomb, the manifestation of the Brotherhood in its own time in the mind, steadily, again and again in the aforementioned treatise; pray, by bringing the reputation of the Worshipful Brotherhood of the Rosy  Cross together with all these things, then certainty on the same matter will appear brighter than even the noontime sun, and more well-known to the whole of Germany! Would this supreme philosopher's entire body of knowledge still existed in print today! To this we could similarly compare the Golden Fleece from the Argonautica, that is, according to the judgment of Paracelsus, a skin that encompasses the Tincture of Natural Philosophers,[2] or rather a book showing how to make gold from other metals, just as the Worshipful Brotherhood promises in its own coat of arms;[3] the Apple of the Hesperides; Mulciber[4] with Mars and Venus and the glory of the Sun; the Golden Bough of Aeneas; Jupiter with his golden rain penetrating the brazen tower; Vulcan with the crown of Ariadne and the chariot of the sun, resplendent in gold, silver, and jewels,




and other tales chosen from the Poets, chiefly about the unavoidable bath of Phoebus, and Pluto's family and infernal rule, in each of which chemical secrets, most noble and most obscure, barely known to true natural philosophers, are described by the ancients finely and carefully.


Finally, I shall reveal, in part, for those that do not known, the mystery of the Microcosm, with a harmonious comparison to oth the greater and smaller world. Mankind has been wisely called the Microcosm by the Greeks (in Latin, the "small world"), on account of it being harmoniously composed from the greater one. It is made of three essential (one might say “creative”) parts; and if one is left out or not distributed correct, the greatest errors both in theology and philosophy tend to spring forth after it! When one inappropriate piece is provided, more follow; or when one mistake is allowed, of course many follow. Therefore, a careful youth presses still more to properly understand this mystery.



At this point, I shall take up no objections to be refuted, but shall briefly decribe these three parts in order, for the sake acquiring the truth. The most potent and most noble part of man is the Soul, that heavenly Spirit, eternal, divinely inspired,[5] by which man may grasp the invisible, eternal immensities. In that Soul, or rather, in its untainted foundation, shines the Light of Grace and of Faith, lit by the word. The other part of man is commonly called the celestial[6] and vital Spirit , drawn from the stars and the virtues of the Elements; and connected with man, where Reason and the Light of Nature find their own foundation with all the arts and sciences and reveal their various operations through the senses. Nor does this Light of Reason exist safe from error, as Luther demonstrates, as well as Capnio in his Kabbalah,[7] unless and the Light of Grace is governed by a higher one! Therefore, as soon as it surpasses its own bounds under the guise of a unique Wisdom (which, alas! we always see happening often our sons this age); then it brin

[1]Having had a few weeks ot process it, I  think the word here is allatum (written as allatÅ«, but with the macron faded), being the perfect passive participle of affero, meaning "to bring forth."
[2]Tinctura Physicorum; seems like a technical term from Paracelsus.
[3]Clypaeuo = clipeo, a round metal shield.
[4]An epithet of Vulcan / Hephaestus, "the Softener."
[5] inspired literally means “breathed in;” so this is saying “breathed into man by God.”
[6] sydereus; literally, “starry”
[7] Literally, teste Luthero et capnione, “with Luther as witness and Capnio;” maybe an oath?

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